Mr. (Largehearted) Boy & My #ZOMBIE Playlist

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On July 5, we, Mr. Boy (as I affectionately refer to him when in conversation with myself) and I, collectively celebrated a universal independence as he published the soundtrack to my novel in his voracious read Book Notes series where “authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book.” The Book Notes feature is not only a musical treat for any fan of literature, but also explores the cross-section of arts where the audible impacts the visual.

My Book Notes entry was flamboyantly titled: J.R. Angelella’s Soundtrack to ZOMBIE; Or How to Hear the Necroinfectious Pandemic without Ever Really Listening.

In his introduction to my playlist, Mr. Boy (quite kindly and over-overwhelmingly) compliments my novel, comparing ZOMBIE to one of my favorite living writers that I don’t actually know.

“J. R. Angelella’s novel ZOMBIE is an impressive debut that has earned the author comparisons with Chuck Palahniuk.”

I’m sure plenty of readers can/will/have veto(ed) such a seemingly blasphemous comparison, but I could not love Largehearted Boy any more for it.

When I found out that I had been asked to contribute to Book Notes, I utterly nerded out as I have been a Mr. Boy fan for oh so long. To prove said point, herein lies the email exchange with my Soho Press publicist:

Publicist: Hey Ross, Largehearted Boy would like to feature you for an imaginary soundtrack feature. What do you think? It’s a perfect spot for you and ZOMBIE.

Me: Are you kidding me? Seriously? Um, yeah, I know who the effe Largehearted Boy is!!!!!! And, by the way, I have been writing THAT essay my entire life. Just give me a due date.  🙂

I wish I could take back the smiley face, but the rest I stand behind, largeheartedly. (Bad pun intended!) Mr. Boy’s Book Notes series is as close to “Behind the Music” as this Angelella fictioneer will ever get.

The writing of ZOMBIE was an intense therapy. I wrote through Hell with the act of writing and listening to music acting as a bizarre escape from the stress and sadness of the real world where my Roman Furies (those wicked deities of vengeance!) upended my life. My actual therapist even bought a copy of ZOMBIE; asked me to sign it; and after reading my silly, tongue-in-cheek sentiment [like “braaaaaiiiiinnnns!” or “Don’t Fear the Limp Dick!“] he said:

“I feel like I’ve been in the delivery room for the past 12 months.”

These 14 tracks (plus the hidden track “Paragraph Nights” by my kickass cousin’s band DRGN KING whose album of the same name will soon be available through Bar None Records) give a healthy and honest snapshot of my ZOMBIE world and, in my opinion, are a fine collection of dark, redemptive undead, zombie rock.

READ and LISTEN:  J.R. Angelella’s Largehearted Boy Book Notes Playlist for #ZOMBIE.

Hope & Warmth.


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