Holy Ghost

Dominic Angelella

The forthcoming album from DRGN KING is on the horizon and no one is more excited about it than this Angelella. If you look like a sleuth online, you should be able to find a few few sneak peak tracks that the band has released early, most notably “Barbarians,” “Paragraph Nights,” and this track, “Holy Ghost.” I haven’t heard a sub-par track yet! Their sound is crisp, fresh and unique–the antithesis to being derivative–accented by the best of The Beatles, Dipset, Shuggie Otis, The Flaming Lips, Ahmad Jamal, and all Wu-Tang Clan affiliates.

As a reminder, DRGN KING is led by my uber-talented cousin, Dominic Angelella. He is the one in the video who looks like, well, the Holy Ghost, frankly. He looks like Jesus.

Another beautifully shot music video. Another wicked, foot-stomping track. Stay tuned for the official release, as you can be sure that I will write a full review of the album once I get my hands on the darn thing.

Keep on.


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Advanced Zombie Praise

"Sometimes zombie happens."

Team Zombie received some incredible book blurbs from some zombie-rific folks recently.

From Matthew Quick, author of The Silver Linings Playbook, (also a forthcoming film adapted and directed by David O. Russell, starring Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro, Julia Stiles, Chris Tucker, and Jennifer Lawrence):

“An irreverent and twisted coming-of-age story with one of the most shocking endings I’ve ever read.”

From John Waters, author of Role Models, and filmmaker best known for his cult films, including Hairspray and Pink Flamingos:

“If you are a ‘youth spy’ and want to know how teenagers feel and what they say when adults aren’t around, Zombie–a funny and very authentic, well-written first novel by J. R. Angelella–should definitely be the next book you read.”

To quote Jeremy Barker, “sometimes zombie happens.”

Keep on.


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Book List

This year, oh this year, I’ve decided to keep a blog list of every book that I read and include my favorite quotes. When trying to think back on the books that I read in 2011, I had an embarrassingly difficult time doing so. This year (will hopefully) be different.

I’m a slow reader, but it’s something worth a renewed commitment.

This is my new year.

Keep on.


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Literary Hide-and-Seek with Terrorist Errors

Final Print out of Zombie

There is a redundancy in the process of book publishing that can make one feel like they are loosing their grip on sanity, or in this case that the damned zombies will never stop coming. If I were to count the number of drafts I have written over the past ten years, this book’s life, well, there aren’t enough fingers in the world for me to count them on my hands. (And, yes, I still count on my fingers! I like the self-congratulation of it all.)

In this latest and final draft of Zombie, every word has been type-set in a specific font, every interior photo has been placed. Chapter titles, numbers, punctuation, and, of course, content–it is all there in its final stage before it officially goes off to the manufacturer for production. Basically, it is a book in a print out form and it is my job to read it through with a fancy pen and tabs and mark the monster up–indicating typos, incorrect words, rogue spacing, incorrect Roman numerals, and on and on and on.

This: our final chance to make the book as close to perfect as possible.

The point? To seek out the hidden errors. The terrorist errors, as I like to call them–dug in deep and unwanting of freedom. To catch the  often illusive mistakes of the writer, editor, or copy editor is a difficult one to because the content can feel so familiar and apart of you that your eyes trick, skim and can un-see the very thing a stranger may very well see.

Prologue to the Apocalypse

I am one of a select few who will service this tedious stage of the book process, and while, yes, I refer to is as tedious or monotonous (and I am not wrong to do so either!) to go over the book at such a fine level (again!), it also is a clear and sharp reminder to me that in just about six months my little book about fathers and sons and drugs and monsters and how men are educated by these monsters, my little book will be pushed out into the wilderness with all of the other books and expected to survive, without error or at least with few.

In addition, I write this post on a day when sickness has taken me out of general activity, mostly any activity that requires sitting or standing. Saltines and Ginger Ale. Heating pads and tea with honey. And staring at the stack of 340 pages waiting in the corner of the room for me to feel better to continue such a negative task of literary hide-and-seek.

Keep on.


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Precious Zombie Darlings

During the many final (writing) days of Zombie, I very often found myself procrastinating, as one tends to do when faced with impossible doom, which is one way to say that I had a very unremarkable and reasonable deadline. Like many writers, bizarre Google searches, like REDACTED, and brief REDACTED YouTube videos ate up much of that time ear-marked for procrastination. Eventually, play time ends, sadly. So as this happened, and I began weening myself off the non-unique procrastination strategies and back onto the strict sour diet of revision, I did allow myself one tiny infraction–the time and space to research images of zombie film posters. Specifically, Night of the Living Dead (“NOTLD”), like Jeremy, also one of my favorites.

From my copious hours of necessary internet research–you know, for the book!–I found that over the years, NOTLD collected quite an assortment of vibrant artwork representing the film’s zombie content. I saved my favorite images as the background of my desktop, changing the posters as readily as one might change seats in a rollicking game of musical chairs. If I switched from reworking a Byron Hall high school scene with Coach O’Bannon to shortening up one of Rembrandt’s many Dostoevskian monologues (and I mean literally Dostoevskian as in he is quoting Dostoevsky), or jumped in the middle of a sexually-explicit, real-time, Jackson fantasy–I would change the NOTLD film poster too match my revision space.

Always keeping it fresh. Always keeping it funky.

Here is a sampling of my precious, zombie darlings.

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