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Son Interviews Father

[Portions of this interview were previously published on] In celebration of Father’s Day, I have interviewed my father. I dedicate what follows to every good father out there who is loving, respectful, honest, real and true. This day is … Continue reading

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Baltimore Zombie Apocalypse

This past Saturday I participated in the 510 Reading Series in Baltimore. I was humbled to read along side Karen Lillis, Elisabeth Dahl and Justin Sirois, each of whom brought their A-game and read really fantastic prose.  (For an excellent … Continue reading

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For Your (Sound) Consideration

It is with great pleasure, pride and pageantry that I share the following exciting news. On January 19, 2012, the Cinema Audio Society announced its nominations for the 48th CAS Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for 2011. In … Continue reading

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Twenty Ten to Twenty Eleven

It’s finally official–Twenty Ten is dead. It was a year of finality, some happy, some sad. It was the year that Thanksgiving was marred by an insane neighbor attempting to fight me for dragging (imaginary) furniture across the floor. It … Continue reading

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Rick’s Top Pop . . . Again

About ten years ago, my father, Rick, made the leap from making mixed tapes to burning mixed CDs. Depending on the day or how many cups of coffee he’s had, he calls his “mixed CD production company” Rick Ross Productions … Continue reading

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