Laws of Gravity Ruined My Life

Laws of Gravity is a 1992 American crime drama film

This movie ruined me. The grittiness, the realism, the chaos, the insanity, Brooklyn in the ’90’s, my first introduction to Edie Falco before she was Edie Falco, the vacant streets, the gun play and horrific presentation of violence, and who could forget the beauty of each shot by cinematographer Jean de Segonzac. Nick Gomez became my obsession and has remained one ever since.When I turned to writing, everything began and ended with Laws. It’s the movie I turn to when I get stuck on a scene or plot point or voice. Everything I need to get by when it comes to writing can be found in Laws.

He has done only a few films since, working mostly in TV. [A small claim to fame I like to think back on is when I found out my father (a location sound mixer in Baltimore) worked with Nick on an episode of the TV series Homicide.] After Laws, Nick directed an equally arresting film New Jersey Drive, which I also highly recommend.

I am not sure if you can watch this on DVD, but in researching Laws I came across Nick’s website where he kindly streams many of his TV work and full films.

Watch Laws of Gravity for free here.

DESCRIPTION | Jimmy and Johnny are two Brooklyn street toughs who never made it into workaday society. Danger is the hit that gets them out of bed. Jimmy owes a loan shark money and Johnny is wanted by the police. Things go further out of control when their old friend Frankie arrives in a stolen car with a trunkload of guns for sale.

Edie Falco on Laws of Gravity:

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