Precious Zombie Darlings

During the many final (writing) days of Zombie, I very often found myself procrastinating, as one tends to do when faced with impossible doom, which is one way to say that I had a very unremarkable and reasonable deadline. Like many writers, bizarre Google searches, like REDACTED, and brief REDACTED YouTube videos ate up much of that time ear-marked for procrastination. Eventually, play time ends, sadly. So as this happened, and I began weening myself off the non-unique procrastination strategies and back onto the strict sour diet of revision, I did allow myself one tiny infraction–the time and space to research images of zombie film posters. Specifically, Night of the Living Dead (“NOTLD”), like Jeremy, also one of my favorites.

From my copious hours of necessary internet research–you know, for the book!–I found that over the years, NOTLD collected quite an assortment of vibrant artwork representing the film’s zombie content. I saved my favorite images as the background of my desktop, changing the posters as readily as one might change seats in a rollicking game of musical chairs. If I switched from reworking a Byron Hall high school scene with Coach O’Bannon to shortening up one of Rembrandt’s many Dostoevskian monologues (and I mean literally Dostoevskian as in he is quoting Dostoevsky), or jumped in the middle of a sexually-explicit, real-time, Jackson fantasy–I would change the NOTLD film poster too match my revision space.

Always keeping it fresh. Always keeping it funky.

Here is a sampling of my precious, zombie darlings.

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