Michael Simon Is Psychotic and Jewish

Dearest Slacker Nation:

How are you today?

Life has been crazy for me of late.

Freelance work is going well. Dancing with a few high profile magazines, but still too early to get excited. Editors and their deadlines rattling at my cage. No Thumbsucker to speak of, sadly. And a three day vacation (escape?) to New Jersey (New Jersey?) on Friday.

All that and I received a lovely response from Michael Simon on my previous post:

I did read a few of the Preacher comics as well as one 87th Pct. book while I was working on the Reles series.

I loved what you said about my work. I’ll be adding your blog to the top of my Links page as soon as I can remember how to do that. I never thought the words “unknown writer” would sound so flattering. And I particularly like being compared to Elmore Leonard, only more psychotic and Jewish. I don’t know if that describes me or the books, but either way, I’ll use it as a pull quote.

Many thanks, and good luck with your book.

Michael Simon

I knew I liked the guy.

Keep on.


About J. R. Angelella

J.R. Angelella has an MFA from the Bennington Writing Seminars and his award-winning short fiction has appeared in various literary journals. He teaches writing at the University of Maryland, College Park and lives in Baltimore with his wife, the writer, Kate Angelella. For more information, visit his website at www.jrangelella.com or follow him on twitter: @jrangelella.
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